Track Protection Officers


Track Protection Services has a Safety First Culture. Our Safety Management System is based around the premise that “Zero Harm” is achievable through its.

Job Application Information

Track Protection Services supply numerous qualified Rail Protection Officers of all levels, to Major Rail networks throughout Queensland. We are continuously looking to expand our employees, with ongoing opportunities available.

Track Protection Services currently provide: Authorised Personnel, Hand signallers, Lookout, PO1, PO2 TOA and PO2 TWA.

Skills Required:

  • Motivated
  • Level Two Language, Literacy and Numeracy Level
  • Organised and Responsible
  • Technology Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Approachable


Our Protection Officers are required to hold:

  1. Rail Industry Worker Cards
  2. Category 1 and 3 medicals
  3. Construction Cards (White/Blue Cards)
  4. Open Manual Drivers Licenses
  5. Physcometric testing

Application Process

Please complete and attach:

  1. Application Form
  2. Your current Resume
  3. Copy of your Drivers License and White Card (Construction Induction Card)
  4. Copy of National Rail Training Certificates
  5. Privacy Form

Please send to either Email Address or Fax number shown below.

If Applicable: please also attach:

  1. Rail Safety Worker Card
  2. Rail Authorised Medical
  3. Experience outline

To: Email OR Fax to: 07 5636 1098

Pay rates and additional allowances will be advised at time of job offer.