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Starting with TPS back in 2015, I was provided an opportunity to start in a rail environment that I had zero experience in. Track Protection Services has always provided me with numerous opportunities to train with and learn from highly experienced rail workers. After working as a labourer for a short period of time I stepped into the role as a protection officer. Working as a Protection Officer has enabled me to travel throughout Queensland, and work in portions of Queensland that I never would have experienced otherwise – having the opportunity to work away or in my local area, is not common in many positions and provides a great amount of flexibility.

After many years as a Protection Officer, I have been continually provided new opportunities to extend into different portions of the business. Most recently being provided with more training to complete my Trainer & Assessor Qualification, as well as taking on the position of North Queensland Supervisor. Working for TPS has been a great opportunity for me and my career, which I hope to continue to progress with TPS.



I have been working for TPS as a Protection Officer for a couple of years now, getting my start back in December 2020. I had no rail experience prior to working for TPS so I was grateful for the opportunity. The team of trainers, mentors, supervisors and even other P.O’s went above and beyond to ensure I was feeling confident and competent out in the field. What I’ve really loved about the job is being able to see all of the places and history around Queensland I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. You also get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the rail network and meet the guys that keep that network running. I’ve learnt more than I would’ve ever thought prior and I’ll always be grateful for that.

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