About Us


Track Protection Services is owned and operated by the Feldman family, Frank and Sara. Both Frank and Sara are professionally motivated business and career orientated people. They have designed and committed all three businesses, Track Protection Services Pty Ltd, Accell Pty Ltd and Rail Futures Pty Ltd to deliver a quality, professional, safe and efficient client service. These companies operate in specialist fields associated with the rail sector and clearly demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the sector.

The management team consists of an industry focused group of people who have extensive skills associated with the Rail Sector and are handpicked to meet the business expectations and goals. Our aim is to provide clients with a track protection service that enhances their business safety and efficiency through solution-focused highly trained people.

The Track Protection Services Pty Ltd corporate values reflect a modern day commercially focused organisation. These values include:

  • Customer Service – Best in the business and outcome driven.
  • Innovation – Continuous improvement in all aspects of our business through best practice methodologies.
  • OHS&R – Workplace safety underpins and is a key focus in all activities undertaken.
  • Compliance – Legislation and client business rules are the foundation of the Track Protection business.
  • Business Sustainability – We ensure all our staff has the skills and resources needed to deliver modern business expectations at the highest level in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.
  • Communications – The key to the ongoing success of the organization is open and honest communications sustaining long term ongoing relationships with our clients.

What We Offer

1   Implement updated work practices that will never compromise integrity, safety, safe work procedures, or standards.

2   Demonstrate competence and understanding of the client safety procedures and principles.

3   Implementing change while maintaining the highest standards of safety, competence and integrity.

4   Maintain a workforce able to respond to the industry needs, by updating training and procedures that surpass current standards.

Our Team

Danny Sands - Operations Manager
Peter Grant - Supervisor/Scheduler
Tiana O'Sullivan - Business Support